kokadi AQUA TaiTai
With this innovative Kokadi water carrier it is possible to wear your baby also in the water. Your baby and you can enjoy the water and have a lot of fun together. Just make sure your baby’s head is always clear of the water and you have your baby’s airways in view all the time.
The innovative material is fast drying to keep your baby nice and warm on the beach or the pool. When wearing this carrier you can enjoy splashing in the water with your baby and your hands free. Your baby stays safe on your body and it can’t slip out of your hands. The Aqua Carrier supports your baby’s hip and upper neck and back area perfectly.
The Aqua Carrier is put on like a Meh Dai with straps that tie around you and baby.

width of panel: 42 cm, not adjustable
size of the back part: 34 cm
using: apron and non apron
seam: double seamed
material: 82% polyester, 8% polyamid, 10% elastan
weight about 220 g/m², heavy quality
capacity: 15kg
Incl. UV – protection UV 20
To reduce the height of the back panel, please wear your baby in the carrier ‘Apron Style’.